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Challenge: noise
Every product development and every building project brings acoustic challenges. Acoustics are often considered too late in the planning and development process. As a result, disruptive vibrations and noise problems are only recognized at a late stage and compromise the success of the project.
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Noise reduces the quality of life and has a negative impact on health and comfort even at low continuous sound levels.
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Subsequent acoustic measures cause unplanned and high adaptation costs.
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Stricter laws and regulations due to increased awareness of noise lead to new target values that must be adhered to.
Faster to the quieter product
We provide you with the solution to avoid disruptive vibrations and sound radiation. We identify noise sources and transmission paths. We characterize your product, your room and your materials using measurement technology. We use simulation methods efficiently to take acoustics into account at an early stage in the planning and development process. Our methods are universally applicable, even for your industry.
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Experimental characterization of airborne sound and vibrations as well as determination of acoustic material parameters.
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  • Measurement of sound levels / intensities
  • Sound power determination (in the field)
  • Vibration measurements (acc./force sensors, laser vibrometry)
  • Reverberation time of rooms
  • Transmission loss determination
  • Material parameter determination:
    • Damping loss factor
    • Complex E-Modulus
    • Impedance / Admittance
    • Absorption coefficient
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Efficient simulation, vibration analysis and optimization of acoustic systems using innovative numerical methods.
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  • Modeling and meshing
  • Finite Element Simulation
  • Virtual product development
  • Acoustic optimization
  • Creation of material decks
  • Interface programming
  • Design of measures:
    • Beading pattern
    • Damping placement
    • Absorber placement
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Development of individual concepts and design solutions for the acoustic challenges of your project.
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  • Noise prediction
  • Sound source identification and analysis
  • Acoustic-oriented product design (Design2Acoustics)
  • Training for experts in the field of technical and computational acoustics
  • Application support for public calls for tenders
We offer measurements, simulations and consulting from a single source.
Contact us with your acoustic challenge.
With over 10 years of scientific and industrial experience in the field of acoustics, we founded our start-up in October 2023. We are two engineers who have been working together since our studies and offer our expertise wherever sound and vibrations play a role. Our goal: zero noise.
Dr.-Ing. Christopher Blech
I have always been fascinated by breaking down complex problems into fundamental phenomena such as sound propagation. The more complex the problem, the more important a deep understanding is for deriving innovative solutions.
Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Rothe
What has always impressed me about acoustics is the perception on so many levels - hearing, feeling and even visualizing. Realizing this enthusiasm in my own startup has driven me for many years.
We are supported by the EXIST start-up grant from the Federal Ministry of Economics and Climate Protection (BMWK) and the European Social Funds as well as the Startup Akademie W.IN of the city of Brunswick.